(c) Photos par Quentin Chevrier Makery

For the Culture Experience Days, a 72h hackathon organised by Adami, we worked with a team of five people + one on a short scenette which uses interactive hardware to allow its interprete to convey a more meaningful message. The project was proposed by Janine, actress. Stephane, designer, worked on the scene decor and built the tree from scratch during the WE. Flavia was responsible for the sound design, the instrumentation of the tree. She also helped me with soldering all the leds which were later embeded on Janine smart dress. I worked with neopixels and an arduino board to create a smart bustier which I 3d designed and printed. The dress itself was quickly sewed and designed by our impromptu fashion savior Hanna.

After the show, we tore apart our creation so that the hardware could be reused for other projects later.