JigOku is a musical game where the player is playing the role of an invoker who is accomplishing a demon summoning ritual. The player should hit the right keyboard keys at the right time to keep the summoning ritual going on and support the music, while he also should keep care of his life and of the demons who are trying to reach the door.

We made Jig’Oku for the Global Gamejam 2016 which theme was ritual.

Its name is derived from the japanese word for hell and its phonetic ressemblance with the word « gigue ». We wanted to make a game that is quite challenging by its controls. The player has both to type keys at the right rythm and click the monsters on screen with its mouse. Amélie and Marie-Astrid worked on the graphisms and visual effects, conveying to the game its poetic asian atmosphere. The soundtrack of the game was made by Gabriel and was inspired by Marie-Astrid and Amélie artworks.

With the help of Leonard and Mourad, I coded most aspects of the game : sounds transitions, key rythm detection and game progression. The game was reworked a little after the global gamejam to make it more playable and is available on itch.io