Pipou Carnage

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Made for Gamelier's Empathy GameJam, October 2015


Sebastien Gestière (graphisms)

Paul Barret (sounds)

Virginie Mock (programming)


Remember when you played this multiplayer game... You had two controllers only and you were three people. What a moment of true empathy when you gave your controller to your friend ! Let's find out if how really empathetic you can be...

This game is playable by two players. You have one nice alien character named Pipou who has to survive to the nasty human soldiers. Help him out and survive the longest time possible ! But be careful, you are going to be two players with only one character.

Controls :

Xbox Controller (left joystick for movement, any button to fire (not the back one because this one does actually exit the game)


Keyboard ( QZSD for movement and A for shooting for player 1 and arrows + space for Player 2)

If you are really good at this game, you can also try the four players settings, but it is kind of not feature but a hack.